My life is a mixture of music, words, people, colour and love.

What you’re looking at right now is my diary. It’s my thoughts on record, each photo hiding secrets and hints of things that are meaningful to me. It’s words that I believe to be true, music that speaks to my heart, and values that I see around me each and every day.

I look into the world and I see so much beauty, so much joy. I see colors, and dreamers, survivors and believers. I see the trees so green and lush, their shade’s creating the perfect nook to read a book under. I see the blue skies, or even the rain clouds, reminding us that we are indeed alive and that we’ve been given an environment that is ever changing but so magnificent In it’s structure. I see a world that was created and hand designed, which holds so much perfection even in all the imperfections that humanity brings. I see people loving and laughing, giving hope to those around them, I see the lost and the hungry, the people craving something with all their hearts but to scared to reach out and grasp it. With that I see the opportunity to give support, to lend a hand and to reveal to them what has been revealed to me, that we have a God who love’s us unconditionally and who is just waiting for us to reach out to him. I see the passion in the eyes of the inspired, the dedication in the hearts of those seeking, and finally I look back and I see myself. So small in the scheme of things, so insignificant in my size and stature, but determined, and alight with a yearning to make this world a better place.

the ocean has a voice by manyfires on Flickr.

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